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LVE FRM ERTH – self confidence

hey there guys, thanks for taking the time to find your way to my blog. this is a personal recount of my life and experiences, and what i am looking toward for a better future. it’s been a long time getting round to setting up this journal, so i’d love to say how grateful i am you are taking the time to read along; i honestly didn’t think anybody would 🙂

today i wanted to talk about self confidence, and the part it’s played in bringing you and i to this very page. (nothing too profound, just a little titbit to think about.)

self confidence is a big, scary, yet unbelievably important part of who we are and how we face our day to day lives. growing up, i wasn’t really much of a ‘word smith’ (irony being that i write songs now); i was a terrible speller so i always shied away. this past year or so i’ve been slowly learning how to express my emotions and opinions through text. i’m sure you’ll find many grammatical errors as you read on, (i blame spell check and my insatiable desire to start every sentence with a lower case letter); but that’s just the thing – through practise and a genuine eagerness to improve, i find myself now feeling proud to make mistakes and even happy when i get constructive feedback on them. it’s this sense of self confidence i’ve worked very hard to find everyday and am now putting into practise (writing this blog) to help improve how i feel about myself and my relationships with others. as time goes by, i hope to inspire and encourage others to dig deep and make friends with their inner confidence too.

– big shout out to Mr John Holbrook of EXLDN for helping get this off the ground. John is fellow life lover and big dreamer


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